OldPaperShop is a home based business located in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, USA. The dry air here is excellent for storage of old books and prints, and the view out of my office window is inspiring to say the least.

I enjoy fussing and sorting my prints, and can quickly become immersed in the research and identification process involved with cataloging these little scraps of history.

August 2014

August 2014

OldPaperShop came about as a companion to my ‘old books’ business, which I have attended to since about 1998. Occasionally, in the course of my scouting expeditions, I will come across interesting prints, old photographs, unframed paintings, vintage postcards, and other artwork that does not fall into the books category, but are intriguing all the same.

Or I will occasionally discover a poor broken book or ancient periodical that is not in any condition to sell, but may contain beautiful art plates or historical images of days long gone. It seems a shame to pass this up, knowing it will probably be destroyed, and the artwork lost forever.

I have been collecting these for years, not sure what I was ever going to do with them – I just knew I didn’t want them to end up in a landfill.

So now, I offer them to you – historians, authors, researchers, explorers, collectors and memory keepers. None of these will be framed, although some may be matted. If it came from an antique book, a copy of the title page will be included with your purchase to establish age and authenticity. If it is a print, I may or may not know the source or the date, but I will include any research or provenance details in the description.

All items are shipped next business day from my location. All orders will be well protected for safe transit. All questions and inquiries will be attended to in a timely manner.

Nanette Thorell
Owner & Archivist
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